Engineering Honors admissions decision

Does anyone know how long the Engineering Honors review takes? I heard that it is rolling admission, but do not know the timeline it takes for them to make a decision.


@Noviite , when did you apply? Have you heard back yet? My son has done everything but the essay. He is burned out on writing essays and is low-key procrastinating!

@chillycow, my son applied on 11/1, have not heard anything yet.

@Noviite or anyone else who has submitted an honors application: My son hit “mark complete” on his end and sent requests for 2 letters of recommendations. Now he is ready to hit submit but the submit button is kinda greyed out now so he can’t hit submit. Does this mean he has to wait and watch for his recommenders to send their letters and then hit submit?

@ChillyCow My son was able to hit that submit button once they marked his letters as being received. He received an email when they received his letters.

@pbleigh , thanks so much for the info! That helps a lot. Has your son heard back yet about getting an acceptance or any indications about when those might be forthcoming?

@ChillyCow No he hasn’t heard yet. For my older son, it took about 2-3 weeks if I remember correctly. He is a senior now so that stretches my memory a bit.

Is there a critical timeline to apply for Engineering Honors? My son was accepted to General Engineering on 11/12 but is very busy with other applications, school, etc. He is an out of state National Merit semifinalist.

Can he wait until January? Does Engineering Honors have a capped number of members?

@JimQPublic , can your son work on it during Christmas break? FYI, he needs one (or two if desired) letters of recommendation that the recommender has to upload before he can submit his application. That process caused a several day delay in my son being able to hit submit officially. Maybe your son can get the application started enough to send out those letter requests over Thanksgiving? I can’t imagine an oos nmsf being denied acceptance into honors. However, my daughter is nmf engineering honors and she said she knows some honors students who aren’t really qualified and some who are qualified who didn’t get honors. I do believe if he receives the Brown scholarship for National merits, then he automatically qualifies for engineering honors. In the past, Mr. Brown fields interviews mostly in December and January. Not sure how it will work this year with covid.

@ChillyCow thanks.

We will ask him to get the recommendations submitted at least. He has 3 teachers and the counselor who have already prepared recommendations. The counselor and one teacher submitted through the Coalition App but we aren’t sure if TAMU downloaded them.

@JimQPublic , yeah, he could totally have them reuse their letters since it is a different process from admissions. The application didn’t take too long except they did want all those individual test scores from each section which took a while for my son to input and then of course, the dreaded essay. Good luck!

Anyone has any update in engineering honors?

Anyone has any update in engineering honors?

I’ve seen several people, on the main Class of 2025 thread, say their students have received Engineering Honors acceptances.
They say to check the portal where you applied for honors, and the offer is there; student has to ‘accept’ the offer (they changed the process some this year).

Hello- I complete my application for engineering honors on 2/23 and have not heard back yet, despite the fact that a lot of people got decisions around 4 or 5 days ago. Should I be worried yet or not?

@master98751 no idea when you might get a decision, but you did apply pretty late. One thing about A&M, EVERYTHING is competitive, everyone is smart, and it’s always wise to sign up/resister as soon as things open up. Fish Camp, Impact, NSC, sports pass, dorms, even admission, on & on…you always want to jump on things.
Hopefully they will let you know, one way or the other.

Including entry to your specific engineering major after enrolling as a first year general engineering student, if you do not attain the auto-admit college GPA (currently 3.5).

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@ucbalumnus oh yes! That’s a given!

My son got into Eng Honors last weekend but applied to honors back in October.