Engineering Honors

Hi! I applied for the Engineering Honors program a few months ago and still have not heard anything. I have already been admitted into the Engineering program and received the Lechner Scholarship. I was wondering when I would hear whether or not I had been accepted. Also, if you could chance me for the honors program that would be great!

In state student
ACT- 34
8 AP classes
Top 4% of my class
Over 300 hours of community service

@M815815 You should be able to check your status on the following page. Also, check your TAMU email if you have set it up, that is where my son was sent his notification email.

@TxSker They told me too that they would send my notification email to my TAMU email address but I have not yet accepted my offer to engineering at College Station, so should I still set up my email?

@k_03 I’m not sure if you have to accept your offer to setup your TAMU email or not. I’d call admissions and ask.