Engineering Honors

Has anyone submitted the application for Engineering Honors? I heard that it not open, but I am able to access the application and see “Mark as Complete” option, not sure what it means. My son is not ready yet, so don’t know what will happen after Marking as Complete.

Also, in the application, I see an essay requirement, but it does not say what the essay topic is. Could someone let me know what the topic is?


That is for current students that are applying for engineering honors. The essay prompt for them is on the engineering honors webpage. For new incoming freshman it says application is coming soon. Engineering Honors did away with their old portal system for this semester and also some of the long time staff as well. For my son who is a senior in engineering honors the communication has become very poor since both of those changes. My guess is that they are working to get the current kids squared away with the new portal and then will work on something for the incoming freshman applicants.

@pbleigh , thank you!