engineering in California

I have a 3.7 student who wants engineering in the state of California and needs 100% aid, any ideas?

If you are a California resident, consider UCs and CSUs, particularly CSUs that you can commute to. You will not get 100% aid, but may be able to do it with just federal direct loans and some reasonable amount of student work earnings. Try their net price calculators on their web sites.

What kind of engineering? Mechanical engineering is available at 8 UCs and 13 CSUs, but less common types like industrial (1 UC, 4 CSUs) or nuclear (1 UC) may be harder to find.

What are your GPAs as calculated from . Most UC stats use the weighted-capped version; CSU also uses the weighted-capped version.

Student’s EFC? 0?

Stats? HS course rigor? Location preference?
Math and science grades?

Local CSU?

California Resident or out of state?

with a 3.7, most of the UCs are going to be a reach. UCM and perhaps UCR would be your best shot.

Most of the CSUs (probably not CP SLO or SDSU) are probably viable options. Depending on the rest of your stats and what you are looking for in your college experience - CSULB, CPP, and Chico would be a good place to start.

Some of the private universities in California, may provide aid but I don’t know of a school providing 100% financial aid. That’s considered to be a full ride and those things are nonexistent.

Most schools expect to see a parent and a student contribution.

If the student is a resident of California, and qualifies for aid, based on family income, then he or she may be eligible for funding from the state’s financial aid programs.
Those financial aid programs are funded by the state and the taxpayers of California.

If the student is not a resident of California, then the student would not meet the resident requirements for State aid.