Engineering: Is it possible to take exempt physics I and II without taking physics C?

<p>Assume I was allowed to get credit with physics b.
If I did exempt Physics I and II, would I be able to take it comfortably having not taken physics C.
I am a hard worker and am willing to work hard.</p>

<p>I'm not sure I understand your post, are you asking if you'd be able to succeed assuming you were exempt from physics I and II (i.e. mechanics and e/m and going straight into waves). Only you know the answer to that, here's the syllabi (syllabuses? lol) if you feel comfortable with that material you'll be fine:
Physics</a> 123 - Fall 2011 -mech part 1
Physics</a> 124 - Spring 2011 -mech part 2 (with a lot of stuff not covered in physics C and which presumably you could avoid)
Electricity</a> and magnetism -e/m part 1
Optics</a> and Modern Physics -e/m part 2
Hope this helps</p>