Engineering Leadership Weekend

<p>I was accepted EA to the college of engineering and a few days ago I received a postcard in the mail inviting me to Michigan Engineering's Leadership Weekend. There wasn't much information on the postcard at all aside from the date, that it was a leadership event, and a stadium tour. There was a website listed, but when I went to it, I discovered it was an RSVP form but no real additional infor. I signed up for the event because it looked interesting but i still don't know much about it. I was wondering if anyone else was invited to this or if anyone else has attended in the past or at least has heard of it. If anyone has information about it please let me know! Thank you!</p>

<p>I’m in the exact same boat as you. Can’t find any real information on it</p>

<p>Is that Jan 24-25?</p>

<p>It’s Jan 31st-Feb 1. When I filled out the registration thing, it said I would receive an email in a few days but it’s been over a week now. I have almost no details about this.</p>

<p>Must be different programs, engineering scholar weekend is Jan 24-25. Received small postcard, went to website/RSVP form, and as you stated wrt to leadership weekend, there was no real additional information there. Called engineering department on Friday and was told to expect more information this coming week.</p>

<p>Hopefully it’ll be the same for engineering leadership weekend! I’m getting anxious to hear</p>

<p>Received e-mail with some information this afternoon, hopefully you will hear regarding your weekend soon if you haven’t already.</p>

<p>I still haven’t heard yet. Hopefully soon! What is your weekend about?</p>


<p>You have really raised my interest since my boy is in the COE. What is this “engineering leadership weekend” Is it targeted to incoming freshmen?, etc</p>

<p>I will be an incoming freshman, it is engineering scholar weekend for me, not leadership weekend. When I saw Mighigangirls’s post, I thought they might be the same program, but they are to be held different weekends. No specific details received other than dates and times, permission forms, etc. Additional activity/program details are to be sent in a week or two.</p>


<p>Any more information regarding this Engineering Leadership Weekend</p>

<p>PeterW you needed to be invited to the Leadership Weekend. It took place this past weekend. . . .there were 60 available spots. My son attended. </p>

<p>Could you or your son provide any information regarding the nature or what topics were covered. I am just curious about the program</p>

<p>Did they highlight how special and how select of a group it was? God I hope not lol . A lot of engineering students already come in full of themselves as it is</p>

<p>I attended the Engineering Leadership Weekend this year and as a student who scoured the internet looking for information with no luck I figured I’d give my experience for students next year. </p>

<p>The program was for 60 students who had been admitted to COE early action and were invited based on their extracurricular and leadership activities. I tried to find a link based on talking to others about a certain thing or activity they were looking for but the students were pretty diverse in their activities (pretty much the usual sports, NHS, clubs, volunteer work; didn’t meet any intel or save kids in Africa types). One person I met did say she tried to sign up (it was done via Google Doc form) and received the message that it was full so she emailed the director asking to be put on a waitlist so sign up quickly if you are looking to go. This was the second year of the program and it is sponsored by a donor looking to increase enthusiasm in engineering.</p>

<p>After receiving the email I responded fairly quickly but then received no information for some time and started thinking that I wasn’t accepted or it was canceled but eventually I did receive an email with details about lodging and transportation. We stayed at the Campus Inn with a randomly assigned roommate (a lot of people had singles though). For transportation everything was covered. I had to call Conlin travel as an out-of-stater to make flight reservations and those who drove are able to get reimbursement after the event for gas and such. </p>

<p>Upon arrival a group of other students and I were driven by a car service to the Campus Inn where we checked in, got our rooms, and settled in. They gave us a free t-shirt (yay!) and name badge. At about 5:30 we set out for dinner where we did the usual introduction. After dinner we walked to a campus building conference room where we did some icebreakers which were led by students in the engineering school, a few of whom attended the program in the past. After the icebreakers we sat down and listened to presenters talk about StrengthsQuest. StrengthsQuest is an online quiz that shows your top five leadership traits which participants took prior to attending the program. It was just an okay seminar on how to work in teams by utilizing your strong points. After it was over we headed back to the hotel where we were briefed on the schedule for the next day then left to hang out in the hotel or go to sleep. </p>

<p>The next morning we got up and headed to the lobby where bagels and fruits were given for a light breakfast. We then got on a bus which took us to the Big House where we went on a cool private tour of the stadium. We got to see the locker room, club houses, and even got to go on the field where we had a snowball fight. After the tour we headed back to North Campus where we went into a lecture hall where we were provided with snacks and coffee during a Q&A section about anything with the director of the program. Then we went to workshops presented by current students. The first ones we could choose from were about Engineering Design Teams, International Experience, and something about an Arts & Engineering crossover dorm. The second workshops were about Volunteer service, Extracurriculars, and another choice I can’t remember. The two workshops were separated by lunch.</p>

<p>After the workshops we left the building and got on the bus which dropped us off at central campus where we grouped up with current students who volunteered their time to show us around. Unfortunately it was snowing and slushing and all that lovely Michigan stuff so we pretty much shopped around the main street. I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t take us on a tour of campus or something, especially as an out-of-stater who has never visited campus. I still don’t know what it really looks like. After this free time we walked to dinner (boot’s thoroughly soaked through at this point haha) and ate dinner with the current students kind of speed-dating around so we got to talk to a bunch of them. After this we got on a bus to the theater and watched an Indian Dance Show. After the show we went to the hotel and were again briefed on the next day and left to hang out, etc.</p>

<p>The next morning we woke up, checked out, and rode a very uncomfortable bus with luggage on our laps to a Pierpont Commons where we stored our luggage and then ate a buffet breakfast. Then we attended another workshop, either on Leadership or Entrepreneurship. Following this were final icebreakers, reflections, and final remarks from an assistant dean of engineering (I think…assistant dean of something for sure lol). The activities ended around 12/12:30 and people departed as their schedules required. </p>

<p>Overall, the weekend wasn’t at all what I expected. It was mostly socializing which isn’t some people’s idea of a good time and can be pretty hard to jump into all weekend. It wasn’t really about University of Michigan and I’m disappointed that I didn’t learn that much about the campus. I was hoping this would suffice as a visit but I think I’ll have to go to a campus day as well. I did have a good time though and hey, it was all paid for so if you’re invited, I’d say go for it. </p>

<p>Sorry this is so long! I just wanted to give a detailed description of the weekend and it accidentally turned into a novel…hopefully someone finds it helpful/interesting.</p>