Engineering - Mac vs. not Mac computer- Engineering

<p>Looking at buying my daughter a new laptop and I will contact the engineering dept., but does anyone know at Dartmouth....what percentage of the engineering students use Apple option? Just wondering looking at the documnets to purchase a computer from Dartmouth.</p>

<p>Any Apple users out there?</p>

<p>Most Dartmouth students have mac...its a very mac dominated campus. I don't know specifically about the engineering school, but most of my friends who are engineers have macs as their computers. So certainly an engineer who wanted a mac rather than a PC wouldn't be alone.</p>

<p>Either computer should be fine for personal use. I know the engineering school uses a lot of its own computers running linux for things, but they support both PC's and macs quite well from what I've heard.</p>

<p>I'm a high school student involved in robotics, and I can tell you this: at least in the Silicon Valley, every engineer I know uses PCs. Why? First off, they are cheaper. Second, they are better for CAD programs, Linux, Unix, and other systems that engineering students tend to use; compatibility is always a plus!</p>

<p>This explains the entire PC-Mac debate in a nutshell :)
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<p>while in the last few years the number of computers bought through the school has skewed to the mac side, campus is far from 'mac-dominated'. Get whatever you prefer, it will be fine for the engs major. </p>

<p>but moving up and out ... being both pc literate and mac-capable is definitely a plus. Most of the programs that are engg-specific are run off linux or windows boxes, though.</p>