Engineering Major/Math Major vs. Economics Major from Rutgers U. for WALL STREET

<p>which one is more advantageous for getting a better paying job after college?</p>

<p>I also plan on getting an MBA.</p>


<p>Engineering. I heard econ at Rutgers is a joke.</p>

<p>Neither, Rutgers isn't a target.</p>

<p>Although it depends on what you want to do after, I think that the clear answer here is engineering. Rutgers Econ is a joke and it's not really respected to the extent of the top programs in the US</p>

<p>Math no engineering needed. Get a analyst job for 2-3 yrs at your preferred fin instution (have you noticed which bank one of rutgers board members is from). Get into top bschool.</p>

<p>I would say Engineering, I think in the long run you would be better off.</p>

<p>What do you want to do on Wall Street, sweep the floor?</p>

<p>Of course the engineering degree is the most respected, but the kicker here is if you're not in love with your engineering discipline then it's going to be really tough to get a quality GPA, and if you don't get a quality GPA then you can pretty much forget about getting a job on Wall St. out of college unless you have some hardcore connections (which it's apparent from you posting here that you don't). I recommend a degree that is heavy on the quanititave analysis such as economics, math, physics, or statistics, and make sure your GPA is at the very least 3.5, preferably it should be like 3.8 or above.</p>

<p>Awaiting FootballBanker's response......</p>

<p>Why are you going to Rutgers? Do you live in New Jersey?</p>

<p>Whistle If your typing about the football politics, my bad. I'll respond to that when I get off work.</p>