Engineering or Arts & Sciences?

<p>I am applying to Cornell under the Early Decision option but I can't decide which college to apply to. I really want to do Engineering, but I am one of the applicants who has only a moderate change of getting in (I don't have a 4.9 GPA or a 1900 SAT score like most people here). What I am really asking is which college is easier to get in, Engineering or Arts & Sciences? I am perfectly willing to chose Chemistry or Physics as a major also, so I have no real problem with applying to either one, I just want my chances to be the highest possible.</p>

<p>You need to apply to the college that your application is best suited for. If you have very strong math and science grades and scores, you should consider Engineering. Otherwise, Arts and Sciences would probably be suited for a more rounded application.</p>

<p>True and also the admissions committee looks at your stats to see if your interests really apply to that school in particular the cornell admissions websites discusses it in some detail.</p>