Engineering or Economics?

<p>It's been around 2 weeks since I've been studying Economics in the UK. I've been a Science student in school; I studied Physics, Chemistry and Maths. As I flipped through my Economics textbooks, I found that I'm missing that rigorous approach one had with any of the three subjects I mentioned. I've also been a fairly good student in all three.
I'm not so sure of my choice of course now. I like both engineering and Economics, but I'm not so sure if Economics will challenge me as much as I want it to and in the way I want it to.
Engineering will be a load, but it will not provide me the sociological and behavioural aspect of Economics that I'm interested in.
After under graduation, I'd probably study Economics for post graduation, irrespective of the undergraduate course, or I might take up an MBA.
Which undergraduate course will make me more employable?
The advantage with engineering is that I can study Economics later.
A joint honours ( a sort of double major) will not leave me enough time for my extra curricular activities, so I'm not so keen on it.
I have limited time to make my decision. If I want to switch over to engineering, I'll have to inform the university now, or else I can only take it up after a year. With that, I'll also have to revise everything I studied before.
What can I do?</p>

<p>If you want to study economics at the graduate level, undergraduate preparation includes a considerable amount of math and statistics.</p>