Engineering or premed.. Help?! :(

<p>I am so stuck on which one I should do for undergraduate.</p>

<p>I am afraid that I won't have any social life or fun with a mechanical engineering degree, but I'm also afraid if I did premed, that I wouldn't be able to handle 8-12 years of schooling to get good money :(</p>

<p>What are some pros and cons of each?
(don't ask which one I like more, cause they both interest me the same)</p>

<p>Thanks guys :)</p>

<p>I would recommend against premed. You can always go to med school with any other major (as long as you use electives to meet the med school requirements. It's easier to fit in with some majors eg biology or biomed engineering but it is possible with almost any.</p>

<p>If you choose premed and decide you don't want another x years of school you are in a bind finding a job, but with many other degrees you have a choice.</p>

<p>Why not biomed engineering? Its a mix of both, and if you decide to go the med route later on you can just apply to med schools</p>

<p>@dreadpirit, I understand what you're saying. I'm just extremely afraid that I won't have any social life at all with an engineering degree, and I actually want to LIVE in college, although I am still fully dedicated to my studies.</p>

<p>If you can afford to slow it down, plan to take a class or two over the summers so you have more time during the school year. Friend's son is doing engineering at the local state U and is planning to do it over 5 years so he has time for an EC that matters to him.</p>

<p>Not sure that doing a pre-med major well enough to get into a good med school isn't the same amount of work as engineering. As others said, engineering gives you a profession if you don't choose to continue afterward. The 5-year plan is not a bad choice for engineering in general.</p>

<p>BroadwayBlue has given you the best advice so far. My son is currently studying mechanical engineering at one of the top engineering schools in the country. He said that many of the kids in the biomedical engineering program are planning to go to med school later one. Those that don't will be among the most sought after engineers in the market today. Biomedical engineers are in demand even in this economy. It is perfect for you and you can defer your choice between the two fields until far later in your academic career. In fact, you can even work a couple of years in the biomedical engineering field and then go to med school later. You get to choose.</p>

would recommend against premed. You can always go to med school with any other major


<p>dreadpirit, premed is not a major, it is simply a group of classes that are necessary to apply for med school. You can major in anything as long as you take the med school prereq's, Bio, gen chem, organic chem, math (usually calc and stats) physics and English. My daughter is in the midst of med school interview season and doing very well with acceptances. Her major is Classics.</p>

<p>Just remember that if you go engineering, med school admissions are pretty number based and it will be HELL to keep your GPA at a competitive level considering that engineering GPAs are so low.</p>

<p>Well, assuming you apply for med school straight out of college. You could also work a few years and decide in your late 20s if you still want to do med school.</p>

<p>Med is not the way to go if $$ is your primary motivation. Not ideal + the high earnings simply won't exist by the time you are practicing.</p>

<p>My kid pulled a great GPA in engineering so far. It is not as bad as Excavalier says. If you apply yourself and the major agrees with you then your GPA should be no problem. If you struggle in engineering, then premed will be a struggle too. Both are equally difficult and both have some of the same classes. Chem, biology, math, etc. Don't be too concerned about GPA as both fields require that same amount of brain power and academic discipline.</p>