<p>I am going to major in general engineering at HMC, but I also have an interest in majoring in physics. I'm planning on getting my PhD after I graduate. Would it be possible to get a PhD in engineering physics or even normal physics? If I bulked up on physics classes for my electives would it be enough?</p>

<p>I think it's hard to go to physics grad school unless you are a physics major or have self-studied all the subjects. Physics grad programs make you take the subject GRE, which requires you to know everything.</p>

<p>In general, I get the feeling it is easier to branch out with a physics degree than it is to go into physics with a different degree.</p>

<p>Mudd's a little different, though... My brother's a Mudder, and is an odd hybrid of comp sci and engineering majors. Talk to some profs there once you get there. It's a small enough program that I'm sure something can be worked out that will fulfill your aspirations.</p>