Engineering/Pre-med at public ivies, ivy, and selective schools

<p>I'm an asian girl from Delaware</p>

<p>4.0 GPA unweighted
5 in AP bio, currently taking AP chem and calc
all other academic classes are honors
PSAT: 214, 201 so. year
SAT: err...i don't really want to talk about it...
definitely retesting...and aiming for at least a 2200</p>

<p>My ECs</p>

<p>i have quite a few, including my state presidency of the Technology Student Association:</p>

<p>-Voice of Democracy Oratorical Essay Contest 2005 Delaware state winner
-Governor’s School for Excellence 2004 Brandywine HS Academic Ambassador
-Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) 2004 Brandywine HS Ambassador</p>

<p>-Technology Student Association (TSA)
2004-05 State President and VP
2003-05 Brandywine High School TSA Relay for Life Captain
2002-04 Delaware Most Outstanding Student Award
2002-04 National TSA Finalist in several events
2003-2005 BHS officer</p>

<p>Science Olympiad - 2002-2003 state finalist in 6 events
Science Fair - 2002 3rd place individual in Chemistry Division of New Castle County Science Expo
American Chemical Society - 2001 State winner for "Write it, do it!"</p>

<p>Leader Corps
2004 Helped homeroom raise money for Pennies for Patients (top 5 homerooms)
2003 Event coordinator for Sock Hop for elementary school students
2003-05 Relay for Life team co-captain </p>

<p>Math League
2002-2005 state finalist</p>

<p>Michael C. Ferguson Scholarship
2004 Mathematics Award
2002 Mathematics Award</p>

<p>Delaware Tech Drafting Competition
2003 Delaware Manual Competition 1st place state winner</p>

<p>Business Professionals of America (BPA)
2004 Brandywine High School BPA Vice-President</p>

<p>Perfect attendance 2001-2005</p>

<p>and i volunteer over 40 hrs annually
one year, i volunteered for 300+ hrs. at a daycare</p>

<h2>french club/honor society</h2>

<p>what are my chances at UNC-C Hill, UT Austin, UCB and the other public ivies? How about UPenn, Penn State, Duke, RPI, Rice, Virginia Tech, and Emory? I want to major in either premed or engineering</p>

<p>also, do you have any suggested colleges that are strong in those areas and offer good merit aid?</p>