Engineering/ quality of life

<p>I'm not sure if anyone actually looks at this board. There aren't any recent threads. However, if anyone has any opinions on Alfred's engineering program, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me their opinions on the program and on the general quality of student life.</p>

<p>DDs BF is an engineering major (materials) and he really loves AU. She is an Art major. Alfred is fairly isolated, so if you're a nightlife kind of person or likes to go to a major city a lot, you're out of luck. They both have said there is enough to do on campus to keep them happy, and the lack of distractions makes them better students.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for the reply! That's just the kind of response I was looking for.</p>

<p>My D is very happy there & is never bored, plus the school brings in a lot of entertainment.
The village of Alfred is very quaint and everybody we meet is very friendly & outgoing. I think it is a wonderful school with Engineering, Art & Design, College of Liberal Arts and the School of Business. Only 2200 students & all these great academic offerings! </p>

<p>Alfred is in Princeton Review's "Best 371", The "Fiske Guide" and it also get high marks in the USNWR's "Great Schools Great Prices" category. The financial aid has been good. It would be difficult to fall into the cracks at Alfred University.</p>