Engineering Scholarships

Have all the freshman engineering scholarships been given out?

Hi there! We really don’t know. I heard about a few people getting departmental scholarships, but they were in state. We are out of state, and we were told that they were just starting to work on the out of state department scholarships around the middle of March. Best of luck to you! I’m hoping people will continue to post as they get any updates.

The engineering department doesn’t really give out scholarships until your sophomore year. This is because they need to know that you’re committed before they spend money to give you the scholarship. If they give you money for a scholarship and you end up changing majors your first year then they essentially lost that money.

I was able to get an engineering scholarship, so was I lucky to get it? It was only $1,250, do you know the range the engineering department usually hand out to sophomore and up?

@ebaux They do give departmental scholarship to incoming freshman. I don’t know how many but my son received a small one. It was unexpected and while not large will cover some of his expenses.