engineering scholarships

<p>Has anyone received an engineering dept. scholarship? If so how much? Thanks</p>

<p>No, I wouldn't count on those for a while.</p>

<p>Got one from Chemical Engineering for 1000 a year. It takes a little while for them to be put into the FA letter though.
Best of luck!</p>

<p>Do you hear before the May 1st deadline and if they are greater than $1,000 do they come with the OOS tuition waiver?</p>

<p>1.) Depends on the department issuing them out I believe.
2.) A department scholarship does waive the OOS tuition.
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<p>Do you have to apply for the dept. scholarships? Or do they just offer them to people based on the grades?</p>

<p>My dad got in contact with the department. I am not sure exactly what he did, but they seemed very happy to offer me one. Have someone call your department and ask around.
Be nice about it, and you might get lucky.</p>

<p>I bet since Nuclear Engineering Department is one of the smaller ones, they don't give as much scholarships. Didn't think about that when I changed my major on the AIS. </p>

<p>Also, if I happen to change my major from say nuclear to aerospace after first year and assuming I had a dept. scholarship, would the scholarship be void since I changed the major?</p>

<p>Still waiting for scholarship from the EE program. Haven't received any yet. Will wait for another week and then move on. OOS is to much for me, so I will have to settle for something else.</p>

<p>grrenfield, we didn't call like zzz mentions, but if $1,000 is a deal-maker, then I would make a call. What would it hurt?</p>

<p>Boooo.... I just contacted the Biomed engineering department and they told me freshmen weren't eligible for dept scholarships... if I just heard right. I'm too much in shock.</p>

<p>never hurts to ask.</p>

<p>my asking (a different school) got my DD's scholarship bumped up from 3500 per year to 13300 per year. </p>

<p>without the asking, i doubt it would have gotten bumped.</p>

<p>i have another email in to see if i can get it bumped to full tuition thru a departmental scholarship. </p>

<p>we will see if anything happens with that!</p>

<p>OddMonkey: I am sure you heard correctly. There are other engineering departments that don't give scholarships to freshman. Son is an AERO major, and we were told no freshman AERO scholarships are given. He can get one from the school of engineering but not from the department. :(</p>

<p>is nuclear engineering another department that gives no freshman scholarships?</p>