Engineering school acceptance?

<p>I listed my major choices in ApplyTexas as Mechanical Engineering first, and then Civil Engineering.</p>

<p>I've already been accepted to UT, but not the engineering school yet.</p>

<p>Rank: 51/556
SAT: 530 R, 720 M, 620 W
ACT 26: Math 32.
Taken 4 years of Spanish, I got a 4 on the AP Spanish Langauge test
Have taken and passed 5 AP exams (includes Spanish mentioned above)
I'm in NHS, Spanish Honor Society, and Model United Nations.
As far as extracurricular activities, I've been playing piano for 9 years.</p>

<p>Are my scores and statistics good enough for acceptance into the engineering school? I plan on taking the ALEKS test sometime soon for Calculus Readiness.</p>

<p>Just incase my individual AP scores matter…
US History - 3
World History - 3
Spanish Language - 4
Music Theory - 4
Statistics - 4</p>

<p>You’re outside the top 9% so that puts you in competition with out-of-staters. Being in this pool makes it really hard to predict things especially because your application doesn’t have any hooks or catches to make you stand out from the group. It’ll just come down to whether or not they have enough spots to fit you. Sorry, but you’re just going to have to wait it out.</p>

<p>OP, congrats on your good stats!</p>

<p>To clarify, you’re not competing with OOS applicants. Per a change in admission process effective this year, all applications will undergo “holistic review” for placement in a major. </p>

<p>[Types</a> of Applicants | Be a Longhorn](<a href=“]Types”>
[What</a> We Consider | Be a Longhorn](<a href=“]What”></p>

<p>Good luck, and hook 'em!</p>

<p>Bah humbug, I feel so old now that they’ve changed everything up. I have a test tomorrow so I can’t take the time to read through those pages but shouldn’t being beyond the top 9% prevent him from getting the general admissions auto-acceptance? I would have assumed they still review the top 9% applicants they already know they must accept before looking beyond that. Now if they consider all applicants in one massive pool then this really could be a big deal. This would mean that the highly qualified students out of the top 9% would displace those traditionally accepted from it. Will this displacement lead to a massive swelling of the UGS then? </p>

<p>I would assume that those students who have been holistically qualified for the competitive majors yet only offered a spot in the UGS due to rank used to reject admission and attend other schools where they were offered better opportunities. If these students begin accepting the competitive spots then they should displace those relatively under qualified students who have been taking them. Yet since these students are relatively under qualified they will likely not be offered good options at other universities and will choose to attend UT under the top 9% rule, hence a swelling of the student population focused in the UGS. Because of this, I can’t see them reaching past the top 9% they must accept until after they’ve already dealt with and placed that top 9% first. Or did I miss something?</p>

<p>Got it!</p>



<p>He/she is still not an auto-admit as per this years top 9% rule. This should leave him/her in competition with all other applicants for the remaining seats before even being considered for a major.</p>

<p>frever, re-read second sentence of first post. OP has already been admitted! Doesn’t really matter how at this point. (UT has always done some rolling admits of exceptional non-auto admits. If OP’s rank just missed the 9% cut, they didn’t care, they liked what they saw!) The only issue now is major placement.</p>

<p>Ah HAH! That explains that!</p>

<p>I actually was automatically admitted into UT. When i applied, my rank was 49/542 which was in the 9.04%. Technically I wasn’t in the top 9% but I was automatically admitted anyway. 51 is my new rank after I took a dual-credit Government course. I hope I cleared up a few things.</p>

<p>I hate to say this- but if you’re female, you’re in. If you’re male, you’re not :frowning: It’s the sad truth with Cockrell, they want more women in their programs. From my high school, there were girls ranked lower with lower test scores and took less science APs then me who got in while I was rejected. I am really not trying to sound like an elitist here, I’m just telling you my story from Cockrell that I experienced last year. Because of that, I’m not an engineering major, I’m majoring in something else that I hate and am in the process of changing my major, and school has never been this stressful. I wish you the best of luck, but please don’t be too hopeful.</p>

<p>abcdegsds, I find it amusing that you make this general assumption because of your own personal experience. Just because you had higher test scores and took more science AP classes does not make you more intelligent than others who you know absolutely nothing about. I hope you realize that basing intelligence on standardized exams and HIGH SCHOOL AP classes is just as ridiculous as claiming to have a high IQ because you took a test for it online.</p>

<p>I never said anything about being more intelligent, I simply said that admission wise, my stats were slightly higher than arvhaax93’s stats and some girls I know got in with lower stats. I never based intelligence off of standardized tests and high school AP classes, I based college acceptance decision off of those.</p>