Engineering School Question

Just wondering how the School of Engineering is at UD? Have an older daughter at ND and sibling clearly
stated that she does not want to attend a school as competitive as ND. I told her the engineering to challenging
every where. Is UD more collaborative or competitive? Daughter prefers hands on projects and group projects. Academically she’s not a fit for ND but really liked the friendliness of UD. Seems like it could be a good fit.

I want to hear more about this, too. My son has applied to Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, and Purdue along with UD, and is likely to be admitted to all. Purdue OOS will probably be too expensive. OSU is more “highly-rated” than UD or UC, but that doesn’t always equate to “better” for any particular student. UC has a magnificent co-op program. My nephew goes to UD for Civil Engineering and loves it. Everybody loves UD has been my experience.

We are Also, very interested in this topic. Son was accepted to Dayton Honors college and also received his scholarship yesterday. Loves the campus and mom is an alumni. Anyways, he’s interested in Biomedical but Dayton does not have it.

My son is also interested and has been accepted to UD. His passion is aerospace, which is only a minor at UD. He also got into the Aerospace program at UC. After meeting the dean at UD during one of their Engineering Open House’s, I feel strongly my son would have the most success at UD. The competitive atmosphere at UC and OSU make it much less desirable in my opinion. The statistics at UD also speak for themselves. Nationally, 38% of students that start in engineering actually graduate with a degree in engineering. At UD, I believe its 91%. The Dean said they will provide any support needed to help their students succeed. My son received a huge merit scholarship there. Just hoping more aid is coming (via grants) so that it is more affordable!

This jibes with my anecdotal experience. I’ve known many people to head off to UD to study engineering, and it just seems like not that many drop compared with other local universities.

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UDs programs are accredited:

They also have a good relationship with the local Air Force Base and AF Research Labs so there are great internship possibilities.

Thanks for the link. The lack of traffic on UD CC page concerns me. I’ve heard good things from other parents
although I do wish there was more feedback on CC.

This interests me too. I have talked to many people that say UD is a really good engineering school, but it just seems to be word of mouth. Looking at rankings it is not as high as others my S has been accepted at (tOSU, Case and Pitt). So, my S and H have basically ruled it out because they think one of the others would be better. I think it may be a better engineering school than the rankings indicate, but that is just my gut feeling, and I wonder if it would be a better environment for my S.

If it helps, we know 3 families whose children attend/attended UD for Engineering and speak very very highly of the program and UD as a whole. Great collaborative environment. Lots of volunteer opportunities for kids to grow outside of academics. The Internship opportunities and Co-ops are terrific. Personally I think fit is better for Engineering than rankings, but that’s just my opinion. It’s ABET accredited which is what really matters. My daughter really needs a collaborative environment, nothing cut throat.

You can use this link to look up engineering programs :

This is what it said under program description tab for UD:
Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

At the University of Dayton School of Engineering, we are motivated by ‘Engineering that Matters’ ��" engineering with a higher purpose. We are concerned with educating the engineer of the future, so our students can become complete professionals. It’s not only about educating competent engineers who excel technically but also about educating engineers who embrace innovation, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, understand social and global awareness and who will serve as leaders in their communities. Our University enjoys collaborative resources and partnerships that ensure the success of our undergraduate and graduate students through our programs that offer real-world, hands-on education, research and service. Following our Catholic, Marianist tradition that values collaboration, community-engaged learning and adaptation to change, we value an education of the whole person and are committed to graduating engineers who will impact the lives of many for the betterment of all.

I am the parent of a UD grad and a current senior. Neither are engineers, but I have heard from their friends that they like the program quite a bit. They particularity like the co-op opportunities. We have friends with kids in much more competitive engineering schools and they are so much more stressed and not happy. That is a huge generalization I know, but for the kid who might not thrive in a pressure cooker/ weed out environment, UD might be of interest.

“Engineering that Matters” is definitely part of the program. This program is interesting:

Sorry I do not know more about engineering, but I can answer other more general questions about UD.

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There is one more Admitted Student Day for Engineering on April 13, 2018. If you still have questions I would highly recommend it. Students and administration are presenters, and also several opportunities for Q&A.
We went early and had lunch in the nearby restaurant area and retook the campus tour.

Interestingly, similar to you we have an older child who graduated ND in Engineering, but child #3 choosing UD over ND, UC, OSU, Louisville, because of the friendliness and feel of campus, the Co-op, and other lab opportunities available at Dayton.