Engineering Schools for Entrepreneurs

<p>If someone wanted to go to an engineering school and wants to start a business after, what engineering school would you recommend? Not necessarily an entrepreneur program but what colleges do you think have the best atmosphere and have been known for engineers to start businesses? Schools other than the obvious like Stanford or MIT I would like to know your opinions.</p>

<p>Really the only factor in making a school inherently better for entrepreneurs is that school’s connections with people that can provide the kinds of connections that help get a business of the ground, specifically investors or customers. Most top programs, with their good reputations and alumni networks, will afford that advantage. Other than that, it’s just about having a good, marketable idea, and that can occur anywhere.</p>

<p>Some engineering schools also have business programs where you can take courses or even minor. Examples -
[Olin</a> College : About Olin : Olin/Babson Partnership](<a href=“]Olin”>
[Entrepreneurship</a> - WPI](<a href=“]Entrepreneurship”> [School</a> of Business: Entrepreneurship - WPI](<a href=“]School”></p>