Engineering Schools that take lower SAT scores

My son has taken the SAT once. He wasn’t feeling well and honestly, didn’t prepare but his score is about 1100. He will be taking them again in May with much more focus. He is a junior. I am concerned that his focus is on schools he might not get into if his score doesn’t increase a lot.

His list right now is Drexel, RIT, Univ of Delaware, TCNJ, Rowan(back up), RPI. We have only visited Drexel and RIT as of now. We live 10 minutes from Rowan and he’s done a few programs with hs dealing with their Engineering program.

Another issue in this search is still continuing with music ensembles - so the selection of schools is based with that too.

Thank you for your help.

@2019boston - This does not seem to be the right board for this question. Generally, you can get SAT admission ranges for every accredited engineering college at For example, Rowan’s combined SAT range for 75th/25th percentile is 1380/1240.

I don’t understand the issue about “continuing with music ensembles.”

Check the University of Maine at Orono. They have a OOS big tuition discount currently. Also their engineering programs are ABET accredited and they have coop programs.

@2019boston - Your son might also consider taking the ACT. My two youngest sons are both engineering students and both did better percentile-wise on the ACT than on the SAT. Almost all colleges accept either the ACT or SAT. If he does well on the ACT, then don’t even submit the SAT score.