Engineering schools with very good CS program and merit only aid

My DD is a typical high stats applicant. Originally her only search was in California only. Now she is willing to extend her search to different regions. She will not be eligible for need base aid. Please suggest schools with well known CS / Computer Engineering program that offer merit aid. As of now her top choice in California is USC if she can get at least Presidential scholarship if she makes NM.

Her stats are in here

Somebody is going to mention Alabama. There was a news story recently about a young man who got accepted to all 8 Ivies yet selected UA, as he wanted money available for medical school.

They have an exchange program with Mercedes that involves an internship at a US plant, a junior year spent studying in Stuttgart etc.

It may not sound prestigious, but it appears to be at least a very sound program with very, very good merit only aid.

Is she willing to go to New York? She’ll very likely get a large amount of aid at the Stevens Institute of Technology, which has great CS/CE programs and a very high ROI. She has a decent shot at one of the primary scholarships at Georgia Tech as well.

Check out UA Huntsville, they have a great engineering program, opportunities to intern at NASA … and she should get a full ride. I have a friend from San Diego who’s high stats son will be attending UA-Huntsville this year. He could have gone just about anywhere too but UA-Huntsville was his first choice.

The emphasis is CS/Computer Engineering. I think NMF at USC or in-state at the UC is a good bargain. My kid did get $10k per year merit aid from Purdue but in the end it’s still cheaper to go to a UC. UCSD has Jacobs Scholar that pays either full tuition or full ride for the very tippy top to attend UCSD. If you don’t qualify for financial aid, it’s a great scholarship. UCSD ranks in the top 15 for this combined major, either CS or CE.

Stevens is in NJ, not NY.

In state may still be cheaper, however, Purdue does offer good merit aids if you have competitive scores. My D got $20k per year from it.

Thank you everyone. She is trying to finalize her list. She said she wants to attend school in the top 50s. My goal is to add schools with large, almost all tuition paid merit to this list.

here ya go

Where is she in-state for? What can you afford?

Olin is half-tuition for everyone. I believe Cooper Union as well.

RPI, Case, Rochester, and RIT will almost certainly give her some merit money (just a question of how much).

Those Case does care about interest. Probably a decent number of the other schools as well.

So they could reject her or throw money at her.