Engineering Schools

<p>Hi everyone. =] This isn’t for me but a friend who doesn’t go on CC. She’s trying to look for engineering schools, I’ve tried to help too but any suggestions would be awesome.</p>

<p>A few things to consider:</p>

<li>She’s expressed interest mostly in civil and mechanical.</li>
<li>We live in New Jersey. Her parents want her to stay in state, NY and PA are also possibilities. (She’s not sure how far her parents will let her go, and I think it’s because financially it would be cheaper for her to live at home.)</li>
<li>Financial aid. She doesn’t think she’ll qualify for merit aid, but she doubts her family can pay much, maybe 5k a year? (Another reason she’s mainly looking at public NJ schools.) However, because of her family financial situation I’m positive she’ll probably get quite a bit of need based aid. Any schools good for that would be awesome. </li>
<li>We attend a public magnet technology school.</li>
<li>Schools in surburban/urban areas would be nice.</li>
<li>Thank you for your help!</li>

<p>Already Looking At:
SUNY Stonybrook
-Other NJ Colleges-</p>

<p>Stevens Institute of Technology
Carnegie Mellon
Polytechnic (I believe it's in Brooklyn?)</p>

<p>Rochester Institute of Technology
Clarkson University</p>

<p>how competitive is she?
columbia/princeton engineering seems to fit the bill</p>

<p>RPI is a great school that still accepts more than it rejects.</p>

<p>NJIT has the programs you want, also a NJ state school. I have heard from a colleague who went there that the surroundings aren't that great, but it is urban and maybe things have changed for the better since then, check it out.</p>

<p>Don't forget TCNJ either, which is thought of as a public LAC but has some engineering programs as well. Maybe not as well-known as Rowan or Rutgers for engineering, but if you otherwise like the place, why not? </p>

<p>PS on Rowan- study their website on financial aid and scholarships. If money is a big issue, it looks like Rowan is a school that will provide certain levels of merit aid based on pre-determined GPA and test scores, a nice thing to know.</p>

<p>Manhattan College (in Riverdale, NYC) has decent engineering programs in a small-college setting. It is a Catholic school, with tuition that is a lot less than most private schools although of course not as low as in-state public. Campus and surrounding neighborhood are quite nice.</p>

<p>Lehigh (10 char)</p>

<p>U of Maryland College Park</p>

<p>I second Lehigh, although Rutgers really would be the best value.</p>