engineering + social life?

<p>Hey, this is my first post so sorry if I do something wrong...</p>

<p>I am considering majoring in some form of engineering when I go to college, but I was wondering if engineering in college eliminates your social life....from what I've herd it's very difficult. thanks</p>

<p>just making sure this one gets attention 1 love</p>

<p>It probably depends on what school you go to, but I still have time for plenty of a social life, working, exercising, etc. You are not in class for too many hours out of the day, and a lot of time is spent studying/doing homework though. Sure, it's difficult, but you got to make time for other things or else you'll go crazy. =)</p>

<p>kwtortoise, thanks for the curious as to what college you attend and your feedback on their engineering program</p>

<p>I go to Embry-Riddle in arizona for aero. eng. I really like the small size of the campus, so all my profs know my name and have lots of office hours to get help. The engineering program here so far is tough but do-able. I still have free time but work hard too. We start in on engineering classes freshman year, intro classes and the first mechanics class, which is a big plus for me. Any questions?</p>

<p>Um no, I think that about covers it....I appreciate the insight.</p>