Engineering student gunning to transfer out of CCC in two years. Is this schedule doable?

So I plan to transfer out from a CCC to a UC (UCSD, UCLA, UCB, UCI, UCSB) or possibly Cal Poly SLO as an Electrical Engineering major. I made a mock schedule thingy to plan out my 4 semesters at my community college. I’m wondering if you guys think this is doable or not.

(NOTE: This is assuming I got at least a 4 on my AP Calculus AB test so I can skip Math 180 and got at least a 3 on my AP Psychology test so I can skip one class for one of the transfer requirements)

Fall 2018

  1. Math 181 (Calc)
  2. English 1AH (Honors)
  3. Chem 40
  4. ENGR 1

Spring 2019

  1. Math 280 (More calc!!)
  2. Chem 50H
  3. Physics 4A

Fall 2019

  1. Math 285 (wow more calc)
  2. Physics 4B
  3. English 1CH (Honors)
  4. CISP 10 (Programming class)

Spring 2020

  1. Physics 4C
  2. CISP 31 (Programming class) and CISP 31L (Programming class lab)
  3. ENGR 7 (Engineering: Programming Applications)
  4. Sociology 1H (Honors)

Does this schedule look doable? I want to get out of CCC as soon as possible, so I’m trying to complete the major prep requirements in two years.

Also, if I do the recommended courses that Berkeley and UCLA strongly recommend, each semester gets an additional class for comp sci. Should I do this even though it brings up all of my # of classes to 4/5 classes per semester?

Are the only general classes required Eng, Soc, and the AP Psych? You want to make sure you have all the general classes done.

I think adding comp sci every semester would be a lot. You could always take a summer course.

@twoinanddone uhhh if general classes = required classes to transfer, then yes. These are the required classes to transfer, straight from the uc site: Two transferable courses in English composition; One transferable course in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning; Four transferable college courses chosen from at least two of the following subject areas: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, physical and biological sciences.

and im not doing the IGETC thing because its discouraged by most UCs and trying to complete it makes me stay longer in the CCC, so yeah.

Remember that any recommended courses and any lower division general education courses you do not complete before transfer will have to be completed after transfer. If you need lots of “catch up” courses, you may need extra semesters or quarters at the UC after transfer, which can be more expensive than extra semesters at the community college.

Based on , it looks like your likely community college covers UCLA EE better than the EE/ECE/EECS majors at the other UCs that you listed, where many other courses would have to be taken after transfer.

@ucbalumnus I don’t really mind the extra semesters at the UCs because as far as I know, my Cal Grant + Pell Grant + UC’s Blue and Gold program should cover it all and leave some extra money left over. That might change over the years, but should cover either all or most of the tuition/cost of attendance.

And what do you mean my likely CC covers UCLA EE better than the other ucs? My CC is Mt. Sac btw. indicates that MSAC covers all of the UCLA EE courses listed except for COM SCI M51A (4 quarter units = 2.7 semester units).

In contrast:

UCB: shows 5 courses (20 semester units) not covered, and 1 course only partly covered (need a 2 unit course after transfer).

UCSD: shows 7 courses (28 quarter units = 18.7 semester units) not covered.

UCSB: shows 7 courses (19 quarter units = 12.7 semester units) not covered.

UCI: shows 9 courses (28 quarter units = 18.7 semester units) not covered.

@ucbalumnus Oh. So basically, this means that depending on which UC I choose, I’ll be there a bit longer than other students?

So choosing UCLA would get me out of college faster and in contrast, choosing UCI would make me stay longer?

@vroomvroom24 Have you taken the math placement test at the CC and are already placed into calculus? Or will they let you wait until you get your AP scores back?

Assuming that you complete all of the courses to get maximum coverage of the major requirements for each UC, then UCB, UCSD, and UCI will require the most catch up courses (more than a semester’s worth at UCB, nearly two quarters’ worth at UCSD and UCI), while UCLA will require the fewest (1/4 of a typical quarter’s course load). So the risk of delayed graduation due to the need for catch up courses would be lowest at UCLA.

@momprof9904 I didn’t need to take a placement test for my cc, just an assessment and I got into Math 180 (calc class before math 181), but I get to skip that if I get a 4 on my ap calc test. My registration is on july 12 and ap test scores come out on july 6th, so they told me to let them know if I got a 4 so I can skip to math 181 when I register.

@ucbalumnus Ah damn, kinda sucks but I guess it can’t be helped. Thanks for the info!

Verify with all of your target four year schools that your AP score allows you to skip the course(s) that Math 180 covers. If it is not listed on the ASSIST page (as it is for UCB), do a web search for “[school name] AP credit”.