Engineering Technology Admission Easier Than Engineering?

<p>I've been looking at curriculums for my son, and am thinking that he may be better suited in an engineering technology curriculum than an engineering curriculum. He's more of a hands-on type.</p>

<p>Northeastern would probably be a reach school for him, admissions-wise. Would it be easier for him to get admission in mechanical engineering technology than in mechancial engineering?</p>

<p>We don’t have an engineering “technology” to my knowledge. It’s just engineering.</p>

<p>The engineering technology program is not offered through the regular undergrad program but is part of the College of Professional Studies. CPS is NEU’s continuing education program and many CPS students are often older returning students or working adults taking classes part-time; they have their own admissions process, and tuition and financial aid may be determined differently from the regular undergrad program (ie tuition is per course rather than per semester). They have both 2 yr and 4yr degrees for engineering technology, which might be another consideration depending on your S’s career aspirations.</p>

<p>You should also note that CPS students are NOT eligible for on-campus housing.</p>

<p>If you are interested in a more traditional 4-yr engineering technology program in Boston, Wentworth Institute might be another school to consider - and might be easier to get into; they also have a strong co-op program (with some of the same co-op employers as NEU) and they also offer a general mech/elec engineering degree option, in addition to a variety of engineering technology degrees so it may be easier to change majors.</p>