Engineering v. Applied Math (which courses to pick)

<p>Hey guys i am split between two majors, which both have a lot of prerequisites that they recommend you start in your first semester. i email one of the applied math undergrad advisors and he still hasnt emailed me back so i figured i should just post my question here.</p>

<p>The engineering curriculum is pretty structured and they recommend you take Engn 0030, Math 0190 and Chem 0330 in your first semester with one elective.
<a href=“[/url]”></a> (the course guide is on page 9)
The applied math department has a course outline as well but it isnt as structured as the engineering
<a href=“Applied Mathematics”></a>
(All the way down at the bottom) </p>

<p>Im not sure what to do. I applied as an engineering but with undecided concentration.
any help is appreciated</p>

<p>While you don't want to lock yourself out of engineering, you also do want to explore if you're undecided. A lot of this depends on what areas in these fields you're interested for. Math0190 should count for APMA as well. One thing I would <em>not</em> recommend is 4 math/science courses in the fall, but rather to take an elective that is much more discussion based, possibly with some writing content (this would count towards engineering if I remember correctly, if you're overly worried about that). Would you want to do an ScB in APMA?</p>

<p>Shopping and talking to your advisor would likely be your best plan. APMA0350 would be a useful course to shop, and if you're considering computer engineering, either CSCI0150 or CSCI0170 (You can put those off for APMA, but you'll eventually need some programming course for the ScB at some level).</p>

<p>yes i wan to pursue an ScB.
I n engineering, im leaning toward civil (more on environmental)
and for applied math, im leaning towards ops research. they are like two totally different things.
Do you know when you get to speak with an advisor?
i was told also maybe to postpone the chemistry course, take an applied math course
instead in the first semester. does that sound viable?
i do not plan on taking 5 courses in the fall or 4 science/math. I found this FYS, HIST0971D, which is about the dutch golden age which sounds cool. But then i found this one: GEOL0160 Energy resources. which is really cool too but its another science course and they dont offer it in the spring.</p>

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