Engineering v. Arts and Sciences

<p>For someone who is teetering between engineering and straight physics (possibly w/ a double major), would it be better to apply with the intention of a B.S.E. or a B.A. Is it easy to switch between schools, and is it any more or less easier to get in as an engineering student?</p>

<p>FYI, You can't double major at Princeton. </p>

<p>There would be no harm in applying and starting out as a B.S.E. You'll be taking the same math and physics classes for either major freshman year. For BSE, you'll end up taking an additional class freshman year (which is why its harder to switch INTO BSE from AB). But, if you switch to AB then you'll need to fulfill the language requirement, which could be done sophomore year anyway. </p>

<p>As far as whether it's easier to get in as an might be. There are only about 200 engineers per class. If you're interested in engineering, you should probably apply as a BSE and start out as a BSE.</p>