Enginnering workload at bu

<p>How hard is the workload at BU. How many hours of studying do the engineering students do. Do they have a socail life. Is the curriculum challanging.</p>

<p>The engineering program at BU is considered to be top-notch. My roommate from freshman year is a junior in the program and couldn't enjoy it more. He is always telling me about how accomplished his professors are and how engaging they can be. I will not lie to you and say that the program is easy. He works all the time and has to sacrifice quite a bit of social-life to do well in the engineering program. The same would apply to someone in the pre-med or management disciplines during junior and senior year. The school itself is state-of-the-art, with all the fancy technology (none of which I understand) you could ever need. My friend spent the past 2 summers doing undergraduate research and had a great time working alongside his professors. </p>

<p>The program is very popular here at BU and has a great reputation. Like I said, it is quite difficult and requires a very strong commitment, but from what I hear, it is well worth it.</p>

<p>All engineering schools are drudge times. Lots of classes, lots of work. But it depends on your variety of engineering.</p>

<p>How much work would i recive in the mechanical and aerospace department</p>

<p>All the ENG departments are similar. Biomedical is the only one that is a bit tougher than the others.</p>

<p>i am currently a senior in the AME department. engineering is probably the major that requires the most time commitment. true, BME's have to take some more chem/bio classes but don't discount the other engineering disciplines. it's engineering for a reason. junior year was probably the hardest year, during senior year you get used to the workload. it's a lot of work, but in the end it's well worth it, especially in this hot engineering economy =). </p>

<p>btw, the mechanical, aerospace and manufacturing departments are merging under one umbrella starting with the next freshmen class.</p>

<p>If I was to become an enginnering students, will I still get the social life as if I majored in business or something liberal.</p>

<p>Well it won't be exactly the same. But there are many other things that go into choosing a major. If your main concern about engineering is that you won't have a social life, maybe engineering isn't for you. I know plenty of engineers that do other things they just have a heavier workload and can't do as much.</p>

<p>If you become an engineering major at any school, you will have more of a workload than many students. How you balance things is up to you. Even at Brown, which has minimal requirements for graduation, engineers begin their concentration (major) right away and the total number of classes required for that concentration substantially exceeds that required in the liberal arts.</p>

<p>When do BU engineering students start using the labs. I have heard that schools like BU save it for grad students.</p>

<p>I believe you get into the labs pretty early. It might be different for different majors, but without a doubt you're in the lab senior year to complete your senior design project. But I'm sure you're in the lab before that. BU in general has a big experiential education focus</p>

<p>you'll most likely be using the engineering labs starting sophomore year, in electric circuit theory. don't worry, you will get more than enough experience in engineering labs for your remaining years.</p>

<p>Do you guys think knowing a professer helps my admissions to BU engineering</p>

<p>yeah haha. BU is way into that kinda stuff like connections and legacies and whatever</p>