English 102

<p>Hey guys, If I apply to the UCs for the 2011 academic year, and I take my English 102 class during the winter intersession (January-February), will it affect me at all? Or Should I have my English 102 class completed when I actually submit my application. I'm in an English 102 class right now, and I'm just not in the writing mood, and kind of want to take a break, (2 18 unit semsters+winter class in between). Will it affect me in anyway? Maybe even make my admissions slower?</p>

<p>ur fine. i took 101 in the winter and 102 in the spring and i got into berkeley.</p>

<p>Same here, however I do believe that most TAG's require the 2nd english course be completed by fall. For regular admissions it doesn't seem to matter (I took my 2nd english class in spring and got into ucla)</p>

<p>Oh really? By fall? I wanted to tag and tap for everywhere!</p>

<p>So I read I have to have ENG 102 done during Fall for TAG, do you think I'd be able to take it during the Winter intersession? I'd be finished by February, and still hold a TAG?</p>