English and Comparative Literature vs Medical Anthropology

I am planning to be on the pre-med track at UNC. I am currently deciding between the English and Comparative Literature major with a concentration in Science, Medicine, and Literature or the Medical Anthropology major. Does anyone have any insight on either of these majors would affect med school admissions? (does one have higher acceptances than the other/ does one prepare you better?)

Major in whatever you want to major in…and just be sure to take the prerequisite courses for medical school applicants.

Really…your undergrad major doesn’t matter.

LOL no.

They really, really won’t care what you major in. They will care about your grades- both overall & in the pre-reqs. They will care about what you do with your time outside of the classroom. They will care about your MCAT scores. Neither will give you any meaningful advantage, either in admissions or in med school.

Take the relevant intro courses to both majors. Follow the path that is genuinely more interesting to you.