English at Mills?

<p>I'm a high school senior who's been accepted to Mills College and I was curious about their English/creative writing/etc. program. It appears to be one of the most frequently selected majors at the school, so I'm assuming there's a reason. Thoughts?</p>

<p>My daughter, also admitted to Mills, is interested in the English major with the creative writing emphasis too. Since Mills has a MFA program in writing, there must be a flourishing community of writers there, and a faculty that is used to teaching them. Have you visited? She sat in on a writing class there and liked it.</p>

<p>I have not visited! I will be there this Friday – a day which, unfortunately, has no writing classes available. What was the writing class like? Do you know, or would your daughter be willing to report?</p>

<p>Well, this was back in February, so the details (like the name of the professor and the author they were discussing) aren’t coming back to her. It was advanced expository writing, but the day she visited wasn’t a writing workshop. They had read an excerpt from a memoir and had used it as a starting off point for a writing assignment. In this class they were discussing the piece rather than their own writing. She said it was an lively discussion, about 12 students, everyone participating, and well-run by the instructor. It doesn’t sound so exciting now, but I can tell you that when I met her immediately after, she was very pleased with what she’d observed.</p>

<p>Hey natalieme, I’m a current student at Mills (considering an English major, emphasis on English Lit…but also pursing the 4+1 in Computer Science) and I work at the Office of Undergrad Admission. </p>

<p>The English Program here is one of the most popular majors at Mills, if not THE most popular. Part of that reason could be because Mills is a liberal arts college, but I think another reason is that the Bay Area is the perfect place to foster a writer’s mind. The writer’s in the Bay Area are just absolutely amazing! One Professor here is actually an Oakland writer and has encouraged me immensely; he is just has the aura around him that just exemplifies the great writer that he is…I don’t know how to properly put words to it, so just know that the english program here is great!</p>