English at Stanford?

Hi! So I’m thinking of applying REA to Stanford this fall (I know it’s an incredibly difficult school to get into, but I think I’m going to try and shoot my shot) but I’m planning on studying English and Political Science.
I’ve heard conflicting accounts; I know Stanford is more STEM-oriented, so some say that applying as an English major will hurt my admissions chances. I’ve also heard others say that because Stanford is more STEM-oriented, they’ll actually be more receptive to English/prospective humanities majors. And, finally, I know that Stanford’s official stance is that your major doesn’t have an impact on your admissions chances, but I was wondering if anybody could weigh in with their thoughts on whether or not majoring in English would affect my admission chances (and, if so, what that impact might be).
Thanks in advance!

More people graduate from Stanford with English and Poly Sci degrees than Physics and Chemistry.