English Courses for medical school???

<p>I am aware that a year of English is required for medical/dental schools. And this summer I'm taking a summer school course at a different college (in Canada) in order to get transfer credits; and one of the courses I'm taking is English. After I'm done, I will get an equivalent credit for the English course from the school I attend (in the US) but I've been told that my grade will not be recorded in the transcript since I took the course from a different school. My question is do medical schools REQUIRE letter grades for English as well, along with the prerequisite science courses? </p>

<p>N'AM SAYIN' DAWG?</p>

<p>You will submit a transcript from your Canadian school and it will have a grade on it. That grade will be on your application. What your UG does with that grade on their transcript is of no concern to AMCAS.</p>