<p>i will be freshmen this fall and i am going to nsc 3weeks later :)
i am starting to plan my schedule for next year.
i was going to take english and history at cc but unfortunately i can't for some reasons.
i heard that english and history is hard in a&m is that true?
do u guys recommend to take this at cc? ( i dont plan to go to blinn in my 1 semester.)
i am a international student and i dont think i am ready to take that course in the first semester( i am scared lol . i mean is it okay to take english and history after freshmen year? or do u guys recommend me to take it during 2 semester.
i know i have to take english before junior year.. is that mean i can take english in summer after sophomore yr? confused..
i am really stressed out..
if i dont take this two classes what should i take it instead of.. ?
also i know it depends on teacher and i am ready to study hard and take it seriously but is it really really hard to study at first?</p>

<p>If they aren’t prereqs or in your common body of knowledge courses you can take whenever. I would say if you don’t think you’d do well then take them at a community college so it doesn’t negatively impact your GPA.</p>

<p>Hey, may i know what is nsc?</p>