English major?

<p>I want to major in Economics. My language teacher tells me that it would be good to think about a also majoring in English, if I still want to pursue a degree in the business field. </p>

<p>First off, I'm not framilar with an English major, so could someone please give me some general info on it? Such as courses you take, and why it would be worth going into for busines.</p>

<p>The English major is helpful for any major just because of the writing and reading skills it teaches you. You should be able to write well for any job, and often times people get fired/don't get hired because of poor writing skills.</p>

<p>At my school there are 4 concentrations of the English major: creative writing, english lit, american lit, and a language and learning thing (don't know what that is really). Basically each concentration has three courses you have to take: eng lit to 1800, eng lit to 1865, and then american lit. From there it breaks off into your concentration. So I'm sure wherever you go, the english major will consist of both reading, and writing courses.</p>