English & Math Courses

Hi everyone! In one of my previous threads, I stated that I’m in this program that allows me to complete college courses while still in high school; at the same time, I’ll be completing HS reqs. These college courses will help with gen ed reqs and reqs for my major (International Studies/Global Affairs).I already have my fall semester schedule set, and I plan on taking English composition. I will need another English next semester, but I’m having trouble deciding on what to sign up for, as this will be the last English course I will be required to take (I’ll have all my credit hours completed). These are the courses that my college has available for high school students:

American Lit Survey I
American Lit Survey II
Intro to Creative Writing: Fiction
Intro to Creative Writing: Poetry
Literature and Gender
Contemp. World Lit: The Short Story
Science Lit in the Renaissance
Intro to Lit
Reading and Writing Autobiography
Technical Writing

And the same concern applies for Math. I’m currently signed up for Stats; I will only need one more Math course to complete my reqs for my high school diploma. My main concern is that I know different majors require different levels of mathematics. For a major in the social sciences/political areas, how high of a math do I truly need? Available courses include:

Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning
College Algebra
Pre Calc
Applied Calc I
Applied Calc II
Cal I

Thanks for the help!

Outside of Stats, math is pretty sequential. What is the highest math you’ve taken?

Which of the English classes sound most interesting to you? “Science Lit in the Renaissance” sounds most interesting to me, but that’s just me. (da Vinci’s notebooks!) Depending on your planned major, Technical Writing could be very useful. It is normal in 11th and 12th grade to take one composition class and one lit class, but I don’t think that’s required, just how the AP classes stack up.

@Ynotgo At my high school, sophomores take a math course that’s mixed with Algebra II and Geometry, as a review from freshman year. I’m a rising junior, so that is the highest math I have completed so far. After this semester Stats will be the highest math I have completed.

I was looking into taking the Sci Lit class; it does sound interesting! I’m taking English Comp this semester, so I’ll have that out of the way.

College Algebra is usually equivalent to Algebra II.

How much trig have you done so far? It sounds like your next course would be either Trig or Precalc. Sometimes Alg II contains Trig, but if yours also had a review of Geometry, it probably didn’t have Trig. Do they have a math placement test at the college where you are taking these classes? (Stats is generally considered outside the rest of the sequence, but I suppose it does require some amount of algebra.)

Is the calculus sequence set up in that order with the applied classes and then regular Calc I? Or, do you take either Calc I or Applied Calc I? The normal class after Precalculus would be Calc 1, I think. And, Applied Calc I would be an easier version of Calc I that just used calculus without doing any proofs.

@Ynotgo I have not completed anything that deals with Trig as of yet. We spent probably one quarter dealing with basic trigonometry and trigonometric functions, but I have not taken an actual class. I knew enough to do well on that portion of the ACT.

My school has it set up weird, so it’s hard for me to explain sometimes. I think 9th grade year we spent a lot of time on Algebra I and some parts of Geomerty. 10th grade we worked more towards Algebra II and went over new concepts of Geometry.

Yes, I took the placement test for math so I automatically got placed into stats.

I believe the sequence is Pre Calc first, and then you can either take Applied Calc I OR Calc I. I know that is how some of the other sequences are set up, such as with Chemistry, so I think the same order applies to Calc. I was hoping to take Pre Calc my spring semester, I’m just not sure if that is a good idea or not, seeing as it is at the college level.