English not Native language? TOEFL?

<p>If i moved to america at 6 yrs old and english wasnt my first language do i have to take the toefl test for nyu stern???</p>

<p>Plz help!!!</p>

<p>Don't think so!</p>

<p>If you have taken the SAT, and have scored higher than a certain number (like 520 or something like that) in the CR section, then you're omitted from taking the TOEFL! </p>

<p>(Last I heard)</p>

<p>some school will waive your TOEFL(if required) if you score generally 550+ in the SAT CR.</p>

<p>however, as far as colleges concern, they consider people who have used English in daily and academic communication for 6+ years as native speaker and do not require TOEFL&IELTS.</p>

<p>First, if you are now a US citizen or a permanent resident then TOEFL would not apply.. It is only an issue when you are applying as an international. Schools have some varying rules but most often you are not going to have to take Toefl if you have a certain score on CR in SAT or atrended a US high school where you took English for four years. Nevertheless go to NYU's site and see exactly what they require.</p>

<p>TOEFL requirement policies differ between colleges. For some colleges, being a permanent resident or a US citizen doesn't matter; you have to take it anyways if you've attended school in the US for less than a certain number of years. Check the college's website or email admissions.</p>

<p>Thank you guys sooo much. I scored an 1800 on my SAT so i should be good :)</p>