English or Judaic Studies Minor?


I am a transfer student who will be starting at the University at Albany, SUNY this fall as a history major. My goal is to become a high school social studies teacher, preferably teaching world history. To reach this goal, I intend to apply to and be accepted into the university’s Master of Science in Secondary Education program after I complete my undergraduate work.

To reach this goal, I must complete my history major, a minor of my choosing, and several social studies electives in fields such as geography, economics, and so forth. My issue is the minor, as I cannot decide whether I would like to declare English or Judaic Studies. I realize both offer their respective sets of skills, abilities, and knowledge, but, considering my second choice of profession after teaching is something related to communications, public relations, marketing, and the like, which of these two minors do you believe would be the best for me to declare? Why?

To give you all more of an idea of how each minor would affect my graduation, every minor at the university requires a minimum of 18 credits, or six classes, for graduation. With my transfer credits, I would need to take four English classes — one per semester — to complete the minor. For Judaic Studies, I would need to complete five courses because one world history class I am taking during my first semester will count for three credits toward this minor if I decide upon it. Please keep in mind I must also complete approximately five elective courses across geography, economics, and psychology in order to complete my social studies prerequisites so I can apply for the MSSE teaching program at the university.

This is a tough decision for me because I love both English and Judaic Studies, but I can only choose one. I understand English can open several avenues of potential careers, but my heart also looks toward Judaic Studies and all the knowledge I can gain from it. Thus, I call upon the College Confidential community for assistance in the matter. So, after reading what I have shared with you all, please provide your suggestions for my consideration.

Thank you for all your help,