English Placement Exam

<p>Anybody have to take the english placement test because english is not their mother tongue? I'm a permanent resident and I've pretty much forgot my native language but I guess I still have to take this...</p>

<p>All ESL kids have to take the exam, but there are only two levels of freshman English - there's Interp & Argument, where you'll be placed if you can string a coherent sentence together in English (which you can). The lower secondary level is only for kids who really, really can't speak English hardly at all.</p>

<p>so you can't get out of this at all?
even with high critical reading and writing scores?</p>

<p>You can ask about getting out of it. Contact Dr. Danielle Wetzel at <a href="mailto:engfirst@andrew.cmu.edu">engfirst@andrew.cmu.edu</a></p>

<p>just tell her you've been mistakenly identified as a second-language student and you barely speak your native tongue, and that you got XXX as your CR/Writing score and you're very much an English speaker.</p>