English Requirement for TAG

Hello all!

So I am currently taking courses at a community college in California, and I am getting ready to submit my TAG to UCSB for the 2021 academic year. Before I was at CC, I was at an out-of-university. I decided to return in state to a CC due to financial costs. While I was at that university, I took a class called Writing 121 (College Composition 1) which is equivalent to English 1A at CC (I think). The next classes you would take are either WR 122 or WR 123 (English 1B and 1C?). As we know, one of the requirements for TAG is two courses in English. I planned on taking English 1C during my Spring semester, but it has come to my attention that both English courses must be taken at a community college. My councilor told me that I should still qualify for TAG, but now I am not sure and I am extremely nervous. I meet all other requirements for TAG to UCSB, but I am not sure about that English course that I took at the other university. I am aware that I can just be placed into the regular applicant pool if I don’t qualify, but it just feels nice to have that extra security. Does it matter if I took one English course at a 4-year university and am taking the second course at a CC? Thank you to any responses!!!

https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/_assets/files/transfer-requirements/tag-matrix.pdf does not specifically state that the English composition courses must be taken at a California community college. However, transfer course equivalency is only known for certain for courses from California community colleges (see https://www.assist.org ), so there is a risk of the course you took elsewhere not being considered as a course that would help fulfill the English composition requirements.

You may want to ask directly each UC campus that you may want to TAG.

Thank you for your response! I just spoke with a UC Davis transfer advisor, and she told me it would qualify! She then proceeded to tell me I didn’t qualify for TAG due to the fact that I have not completed my last three semesters at a community college. I am aware that UCD requires the last three semesters be at a community college, but I don’t think this is the case for UCSB. UCSB’s TAG requirements page states, “Attend a California community college in your last regular session”. This leads me to believe that it should be fine.