English Transfer (Possibly Ivy League?)

Hello there! Just a quick question regarding English majors at all of the Ivy League schools. Which one would have the best English program and, if possible, which one is the easiest to transfer into (I know they’re all pretty difficult to get into, I just wanted a ballpark)? Any response is much appreciated!

Check the transfer rates for each. Princeton doesn’t take any. Harvard is very unlikely, taking only 12 or so transfers. All should have superb English programs, it is really matter which is the best and can you really measure that?

What does “best” even mean when it comes to English? How would you measure or discern?

And why Ivies? Have you considered that they may not have the best?

In any case, transferring in will be near impossible.

BrownParent ~ I understood that all of them would have acceptable programs, I just didn’t know if one really stood out above them all.

PurpleTitan ~ As I just said to BrownParent, I just didn’t know if one program stood above the rest (I also know that the Ivies might not be the best, I just wanted to see if anyone had any knowledge pertaining to their English programs).

Your question seems as fair as many I’ve seen, and someone has at least taken a try at it: “The 25 Most Literary Colleges in America” / Flavowire (article available online). Though literary in this case appears to be be more sbout writing than the study of literature, the two may correlate. Princeton (no transfers), Harvard and Columbia make the list.

Thanks for the information merc81, I’ll have to check out that book!