English/Writing Intensive Course for Pre-Meds?

<p>Alright, so I'm kind of frustrated that now halfway through my first semester at Cal I finally realized that I need to take a year of English although I have already passed out of my R&C course requirements. I'm taking Anthropology 3AC, Peace and Conflict Studies 10, and History of Art 62 (Italian Renaissance) right now, and they are all writing intensive courses. So, will these suffice or do I really have to take a whole year of R&C courses? (for Pre-Health of course)</p>

<p>To be safe, I would take the R&C courses, they aren't that bad (German at least) and have pretty interesting reads. I would consult with the career advisor about other options - however, I do think it's really up to the discretion of the medical/health school so you should contact each and everyone directly, perhaps attach a copy of the syllabus. Another option is to take English courses instead of R&C, this could fulfill your Arts & Lit breadth (though you probably already did with History of Art 62). From what I have heard though, most schools only take R&C or English courses.</p>

<p>No, run of the mill writing courses should work. R&C courses are much more stressful that other writing based courses and much harder to get into.</p>

<p>Bottom line: two semesters of English department courses might be a better option. (Also, in this case you will have actual professors instead of GSIs)</p>

<p>But if you haven't done R&C, will R&C classes work for med school? I'm worried that my SE Asian R5A will not be considered english :X.</p>

<p>Yes. Keep your syllabus as proof. It usually counts.</p>

<p>i hope s asian r5a/b counts-thats what i did and im premed...just hold on to ur syllabus</p>

<p>im in the same situation....does classics 10a count as an english class?... class description says its "reading and writing intensive"</p>

<p>go ask the med advisors at the career center</p>