Enhanced Tuition Award Help

For anyone who has applied for the enhanced tuition award or anyone who knows more about it, do I need to submit any type of documents or anything right after I submit an application for enhanced tuition award, or is it like FAFSA and TAP where you just wait for the application to be processed and don’t need to submit any documents. I would like to know beforehand so I can get any documents ready to make the process faster. Are we supposed to submit the contract electronically ? Please let me know if you’ve had any experience with the enhanced tuition award.

The documents that you need for enhanced tuition will be based on what your school requires as far as money. Like Excelsior, Enhanced tuition is a last payer. If you are already receiving TAP and Pell in your financial aid package, you will not get enhanced tuition

Read you financial aid award letter very carefully. If your aid cover more than tuition (even though it may not be enough to cover tuition plus room and board) it is highly unlikely that you are going to receive any additional money because your qualified educational expenses will always be paid first.