Enjoy accounting, hate networking

<p>I'm currently a sophomore business student and plan on declaring an accounting major and a computer science minor. I absolutely hate networking and using sites like Linkedin. I have no job experience because I lack a car and commute via public transportation. I really hope to get a summer internship and I must go to career fairs, but I have literally nothing on my resume in terms of accomplishments, achievements, and experience (because I have no prior jobs). </p>

<p>I am considering majoring in computer science and minoring in accounting instead just because I hate spending extra time to network with people and constantly keeping in contact with them. I actually quite enjoy accounting because it seems very straightforward and easy and I know I will do decently if not well if I get the job, but to get a internship/job it seems i must network. Is this the same with all internship/jobs ? </p>

<p>I also enjoy my programming class but I really don't know what to expect if I were to become a CS major. It feels like I would have do way more work to get a similar salary I would be getting if I were an accounting major. Is there anyway to succeed as an accounting major without networking? Can I really not just do well in my accounting classes and apply and expect to get a job? </p>

<p>Don’t worry, you’re in the same boat as about 80% of college students regarding your dislike for networking. As a sophomore it’s normal to not have any experience in your field. I suggest including some large class projects on your resume under experience. Consider checking the Career Services at your school, they may have co-ops or internships for undergraduates especially at companies with alumni connections. You can also ask around with your professors whether you can sign on to be a research assistant with them. And unfortunately, it is impossible to succeed in any major without some degree of networking. Good luck.</p>