Enough ECs???

<p>I just finished my first semester at a CC last spring with a 4.0. I'm taking two courses this summer and about 21 credit hours in the fall. I think if I take 18 credit hours in the spring about about 10 the next summer, I can graduate with an Associate's of Science (Chemistry major) in a little over a year and I have a few schools on my list that I'm interested in (Ohio State, Case Western, U. Pitt., Indiana University-Bloomington, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Penn State and a few of others).</p>

<p>What I'm worried about is the extra-curriculars. I worked for a few months at a grocery store in the spring semester but I quit that job for a paid research gig at Case Western in one of their chemistry labs full-time in the summer and part time during the fall and spring. Once I pass my English course I'm in now, I'll have enough credits to be invited to join Phi Theta Kappa (honor society of community colleges) and I just submitted an application for the Robert L. Lewis Academy of Scholars for Social Justice where (this is from the flyer):
Fall Semester:You will study the history and philosophy of social
justice through successful completion of a new Philosophy course
in Social Justice. With the support of faculty and community experts,
you will present a proposal for your chosen project that addresses
a personal interest to 'change the world.'
Spring Semester: While earning Independent Study credits, you will
work one-on-one with your community mentor and instructional
faculty to produce your project. You will meet once a month with
your fellow Academy scholars in stimulating gatherings to share the
creative experience.
In late spring, the Academy of Scholars concludes with a community
celebration showcasing the projects. Upon completion of the program,
you will be awarded a certificate as a Robert L. Lewis Scholar."</p>

<p>So, what do you think??</p>

<p>I wouldn't sweat ECs too much, as your success or failure in transfer admissions is much more dependent upon your college GPA, courseload, essays, recommendations, and test scores (far more so for sophomore transfers).</p>

<p>PTK, though being an honor society, is actually a great student org to join if they are active on your campus and you don't find any other student orgs to get involved with. You can get leadership experience and they often involve themselves in community service learning, fundraising, and social events. I'm in the process of transferring and got a big scholarship from ptk to one of the schools I applied to.</p>