enrolling in a language class


<p>so I plan on signing up for french on my first pass, however, I did not take the placement exam in June..but the french website says the placement exam will be offered again on september 20th. Does this mean that I can sign up for the french class that I think is adequate for my skills, and then take the placement exam? Or is the placement exam that is offered in september for winter classes?
Basically, can I sign up for a language class without having already taken a placement exam, or does the placement exam give you some sort of pte number? I just fear that I sign up for french 2, take the exam, get a pass out of french 2, but be stuck in the class...</p>


<p>Take the test, then sign up for French. Ursa has a restriction if you haven't taken the class - it happened to me even though I took the test and they just lost the paperwork</p>

<p>But the next test is in September and I sign up for classes next week... I called the francophone office and they said you can override it even if you haven't taken the exam yet but the lady said she was not quite sure how.. And the main counselor was out on vacation for a few weeks.. Hmm...</p>