Enrolling in classes at UCLA Question

Hello, I have a question regarding class enrollment of upper division classes restricted to majors.

My understanding is that in order to enroll in those classes during the first pass, you have to have that major declared. So I’m assuming come winter, I won’t be able to do so if I don’t have a UC GPA right? Because to declare a major (right now am in pre-major), you need

  1. all pre-reqs done
  2. a UC GPA

Since I won’t get grades until the end of fall (and winter enrollment happens before then), is it correct to assume I won’t be able to enroll in my major-restricted upper division classes until the second pass?

Has this been a problem for new transfers? Or maybe I am wrong and even pre-majors can enroll?

You should probably email your department about this or visit a counselor.

N=1 here, but for psych, on some classes they don’t enforce the pre-reqs. However, the courses are closed to pre-majors or majors.

I’m not sure about the UC GPA part though…

Are Math 115A and 170A restricted to majors?? Those are upper div and we were able to enroll in them, not sure about the major restriction though.

So math department said you do need a UCLA gpa (to declare a major), I forgot to ask if pre-majors could also enroll in upper division but it’s weekend now and I’ll try to ask on Monday

@fncrane I know for orientation enrollment, we were special because those spots were reserved specifically for us but I’m not sure about the major restriction too. So my main concern is come winter quarter if one wanted to enroll in 131A or 170B or something (and we were just pre-majors rather than officially declared ones).

My understanding is that a majority of transfers can’t declare their major til after their fall quarter anyways, because you need a UC GPA to do so (and a good number of transfers might have 1 or 2 pre-reqs that they are finishing up), so I am presuming pre-majors should be able to (on the ucla portal under registration status I am listed as a pre-major, should be distinctive enough from non-majors?). Otherwise wouldn’t a majority of transfers be screwed over for class enrollment come winter? [this is at least speaking for math majors since my info came from the math department, but given what luckie said I think pre-majors should be okay…but like I mentioned I’ll ask again on Monday to confirm]

Hmmm yeah I dunno, let us know what they say!

@fncrane turns pre-majors can’t enroll until the 2nd pass! I asked about what could be done and unfortunately they said we would just have to be patient at least for that quarter, because only declared majors/minors can enroll (this is regarding upper division math courses).

As a silver lining they told me this year they opened up more sections so that hopefully they wouldn’t fill up as fast, but unfortunately if you’re an incoming transfer with no UC gpa (or someone who can’t declare their major immediately this fall), you will have to wait until the 2nd pass come winter quarter to enroll in major-restricted courses since enrollment is in November. Welp =/

@Bearly aw shoot :frowning: I hope this doesn’t become a big problem for classes. What class(es) were you planning on taking in the winter that are restricted?

@fncrane 131A and 170B! They said not to be too worried about 131A because it’s a class they generally have a lot of sections for, but I’m afraid of not being able to get into 170B since theyre only gonna have 2 or 3 sections at most. It shouldn’t be too bad because there’s that unofficial waitlist haha, plus I feel professors are really lenient with overenrolling by a few peeps. Hopefully spring goes smoother!