Enrolling in classes

My S will be joining COE this Fall. Appreciate any info regd these:-

  • What is the earliest date and last date to enroll in classes ?
  • Do we need to go to Berkeley to connect with the academic adviser or can that be done online ? (as we plan to go on vacation in July)

On the portal we see this “You must complete both Golden Bear Advising and COE online Orientation in order to connect with your academic adviser to be prepared to enroll in classes in July”

Took me a sec to realize that COE was Engineering. Okey dokey.

Go onto Calcentral, Academics tab, on the right, class enrollment, Phase 1 (13 units max) begins on date and TIME and Phase 2 (max 17.5 units) begins on date and TIME. That’s your specific slot. Be prepared, with your imported cart, to press “enroll” the second that you can with your first 13 units (choose carefully, start with 1. labs, 2. almost filled up classes, with discussions, that you need for your major).
Last date is 2 weeks into the semester for early add/drop deadlines (there’s a list and they’ll put it on the syllabus. It’s 6 classes or so I think) or 6 weeks into the semester for every other class is the add/drop deadline.

You do it online.
L&S advisers are useless and I’m on my third adviser in 6 months, but Engineering is another story, so you could go all the way to Berkeley if you want but they might just direct you to webpages that you could have found by yourself anyways. Engineering advisers are actually very helpful though.

I think what it’s talking about is how you are supposed to submit the form with the classes that you’re joining this semester to your adviser after completing orientation/advising. They look it over and say maybe you shouldn’t take 2 upper division classes your first semester, and you say but everything else is filled up and they’re like we warned you just saying, and then you take History of Celebrity and Peace and Conflict Studies and get one pass and one A- (As an Econ/Bio major who gets Kendrick Lomar and Kanye West mixed up, I am very proud of that A-).

Basically, you submit a list of classes that you intend to enroll in (which will all disappear once freshman enrollment starts) and your advisor makes suggestions such as we don’t recommend you take that (the list is part of Golden Bear advising) your first semester, and you either take their suggestions or ignore them.

Thank you very much @Walter924

The online orientation class is a fairly involvef set of modules, with quizzes at the end of each section. My kid’s main take is that he learned the nuances of registering without me going into whirlybird mode for him.