enrolling in full class

<p>i want to take intro to sociology and the discussion is open but the lecture is not. What would be the best way to enroll into this class if possible?</p>

<p>Email the professor possibly?</p>

<p>Not sure about Cornell specifically, but as a prof I always tell my advisees to (a) contact the professor in person, and explain why you want to be in the class. They can sometimes sign you in. Don’t attack the professor right before class, however, because he/she will be thinking about something else. If that doesn’t work, then (b) keep going to class anyway and keep watching the registration numbers. Someone will probably drop, and you need to be ready to swoop in and take the spot. Does this mean you might be sitting in a class that you ultimately might not get into? Yes, but you should be willing to risk it if you really want the class.</p>

<p>Does it let you enroll in the discussion? I’d really be surprised if space didn’t open up in the next two weeks, especially if it’s a big class. Just obsessively check JTF. If it remains full, I’ve successfully petitioned a professor to increase the size of the class before.</p>