Enrolling into a Full Class (No Waitlist)

<p>I have a big problem, and I need your advice. I signed up for a Physics 7b class for Telephase I, and right before Telebears phase II, I realized that there was a change to one of my classes which conflicts with the physics lecture. Though there are 3 physics classes, one conflicts with my schedule, and the other has the same exam group as another class I'm taking.</p>

<p>I need to change professors, but for physics, it's not allowed to waitlist for a class. One of the administrators for physics department says I am absolutely not able to change professors and I just have to stick with what I have, but the professor said to attend his class and ask the GSIs to help me out. There is also a mandatory attendance for the discussion I'm in or else we are dropped out. What can I do? I know we can switch sections within a course, but is it possible to sign up for a full class that does not have a waitlist?</p>

<p>According to the physics department scheduler, you just have to keep checking telebears for an opening, and if someone drops out of the lecture you need, then take that spot.</p>

<p>Check telebears? Do I first drop the course first? I don't want to risk that, and I don't trust the listings on schedule.berkeley.edu</p>

<p>You should look up the telebear tips and strategies that some other people posted in here. Here is what I remember: So in your case, you should constantly look too see if there is an opening like if someone drops the class. The waitlist kicks in like at the end of the day or week -I'm not sure about this. So the time after someone drops and before the waitlist works is when you should sign up and cut the waitlist. For physics, I think that you should just keep what you have incase you cant get into another class. Constantly check schedule.berkeley.edu and you should click on the link below the course name that says check enrollment info for the latest updates. Then sign up for the physics class you want then drop the one you dont want.</p>

<p>Wow, that sounds tough! Thanks for the advice guys!</p>